HOLIDAY GUIDE: Bookish Shops!

I’ve been waiting for so long to make this post, but I wanted to wait til the end of the year to bring in the holiday season! These bookish shops have something for everyone – and you can even save some money at a few of these!

Each of these shops has unique products and fantastic sales — because we all know that I am entirely about the sales! Black Friday has passed, but it’s not too late to take advantage of sales still happening through out the holiday season!

Pop Fiction
by Treat Yo Shelf

This shop is BOMB! Yes – some of us still use that word. Samantha does exclusive and original pops from bookish fandoms. She ONLY does bookish/book related pops, which is an awesome niche. I, personally, purchased a set of Three Dark Crown pops that were just STUNNING – and mine included Camden and Jules.

If you are the in the market for custom pops, I recommend you give her a shout. She has both ready made (at certain times) and spots for customs. Her prices are reasonable, and her service is amazing.

Find her shop:

AC Book Creations

This is a recently created company that makes custom pieces based on your favorite fandoms. It was created out of the need for quality, affordable and beautiful bookish jewelry. I am allergic to just about every metal, and I can say without hesitation that I was able wear the bracelet for several days without any adverse effects. I only removed it because I was worried the task I was completing would damage it.

They recently created a starless sea necklace for the release of the novel of the same name. The necklace sold out TWICE! The duo has started creating more bookish pieces, so check out their shop for more details! My own Reign of the Fallen bracelet is utter perfection!

Check them out here:

Creative Chaotics

Bookmarks! Heather, the owner of this shop is just the sweetest thing! I adore this shop so much. You can find so many amazing and fun bookmarks from her shop. She is well priced, and even does customs! I recently got a pair of Dorothy Must Die bookmarks made, and I love them!
Additionally, she makes stunning mugs, bookmark holders and more. Each glass item hand crafted and customs are 9always available.
She also has a weak spot for kpop, so her shop is filled with those as well. If you are looking for something, chances are you will find it in her shop. The biggest plus? She almost always has some type of sale going on. Between the influencer code (posted below) and her sales, there is always a chance to save money, and never a reason to hold back!

This is a shop that I am affiliated with, so if you chose to make a purchase, using the code PAGES15 to save money!

Find her at:

Fandom Honey Bees

Bookmarks again! Haha. I really LOVE bookmarks, so there are a total of 4 bookmark shops on this list, mostly to give everyone a choice. The team at Fandom Honey Bees is phenomenal. Their bookmarks are bright and colorful, making them easy to identify and find.

The bookmarks available change on a consistent basis, depending on the mood and demand of the book community. Recently, she did a special Three Dark Crowns bundle which included prints and bookmarks of all three queens. It was definitely a worthwhile bundle!

Check her out:
*Save with the REP code: SHP10

Jemlin Creations

These are possibly the most stunning bookmarks I’ve ever seen in my life. The artwork that Jemlin creates is original and unique but realistic and recognizable. She had a wide variety of choices – from movies and television, to books and mythology.

Her bookmarks are smaller than some of the other shops listed, but they are a very high quality and rather thick. Each batch is pre printed, so once they are gone, they are gone. I definitely recommend buying them when her shops open.
She does do DEEP discounts on previous stock that is left over, so if you are on a budget, I definitely recommend shopping her sale/clearance sections, as this shop is on the most pricey end of the shopping spectrum.

Find the goods:

Prince Imrico

And my final bookmark shop…. PRINCE IMRICO! This shop is run by a dear friend of mine, Amanda (@gurumanda).

She has the cutest brightly colored bookmarks that are perfect for those of us with a more colorful language pallette. I adore her smart wit and clever quips so much!

**DISCLAIMER: Amanda is in Canada, so please be aware of shipping.***

Shop her shop:

Book Gizmo

If you like unique booksleeves, look no further than BookGimzo! She has a wide variety of styles and fandoms, seasonal and holiday patterns. She always seems to have a clearance section too, so there is always a chance to save a TON of money on one of her items.

I purchased the Three Dark Queens special box and it was awesome, to say the least! I loved that it included Jules, my favorite of the “Queens.”

Shop for a Sleeve:

Brio + Brandish

I cannot have a bookish holiday post without a pin shop! I have admittedly not purchased through Brio + Brandish personally, but I have been gifted 2 of their pins and I absolutely love them.

Her pins are designed by her – and I can’t get enough of the adorableness! From HP to things I really have no idea where they come from but are just as adorable. 😛 I really can’t recommend this shop enough when it comes to pins! Her pins are limited quantity though, so don’t wait out too long to order!

Buy ALL the pins:

Of course, no Bookish holiday post would be complete without the mention of a book box or two! These have surged in popularity in the recent years, and with just as much excitement and love as when they first started.

**I have no affiliations with these boxes, I just fucking love them. 🙂


Litjoy has long been one of my favorite boxes. From the stunning alternate dust jackets, to the adorable items and beautiful trading cards – I have never been disappointed in a purchase from Litjoy. They have so many options available, from full box to Book Only! I have purchased each level as well – always excited to open that box.

Recently, they began having a subscriber’s shop, with the ability to snag items exclusive to subbers, or from past boxes that you may not have been able to grab the first time around. One of the things I’ve been DYING to get is the mermaid tapestry.

If you are looking for a box that has more fantasy than contemporary, this box is definitely for you. The novels are typically a fantasy or scifi genre, and they offer a YA and and Adult option.

They have the option to purchase a one time gift, or sub monthly. These options make it easy to stay in your budget and enjoy the perks that Litjoy offers!


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