WWW Wednesdays – 4.15.2020

It’s Wednesday, so let’s hop on the bandwagon! WWW Wednesdays are hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

What are you reading…?

I’m about half way through this novel, and I am definitely enjoying it – HOWEVER, the first half was super slow.

Here’s to hoping the second half keeps up with the pace.

What did you recently finish…?

This was a stunning novel with a fairly large cliff hanger.

I do not add tis one to my goodreads when I started it, but I dove into the story and did not stop!

What will you read next…?

I’ve decided to stop filling out this section, because honestly – I’m very much a mood and opportunistic reader, so what I may plan to read next will end up being pushed down 5 spots.

So, I’ll just say that what I’m reading next it up in the air! <3

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