No Review Recap: January 2020

I ran across this idea on Stephanie’s blog, Stephanie’s Book Review. I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea, being that I devour many more books than I end up reviewing every month.

And so begins my monthly wrap up. There are a variety of reasons I may not review a book, be it time constraints, not enjoying them, or just not wanting to post at the time I finished it, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

I have heard a lot about this series, but hadn’t picked it up until now. I listened to the audiobook via SCRIBD. I really enjoyed how short it was, making it an easy book to listen to during a day of errands and chores.

ARK is a short story that was included in the Amazon original anthology FORWARD. All of the stories focus on the future. This is the only one I’ve read so far, but it was enough to intrigue me into listening to the rest of them via audible. (They are free for those that are interested!)

Another audiobook I listened to on SCRIBD. (I may be addicted, OKAY?) This was actually a really surprising read for me. I went into it expecting it to be a very immaturely written MG novel. It did feel like a MG novel, but boring it was not!
I may publish a full review later, but it’s not planned. I will be picking up the sequel to find out what happens, though!

Books with Reviews to come!

Have you read any of these novels?
What did you think of them?!