New Release Tuesday: Jan 21, 2020

I’m am super interested in some of new releases! Any on the list you are vying for?

M.K. England’s first novel “The Disasters” was a ride and a half! I’m ready to jump straight into her next knock out! I really love heist novels, and this one shouldn’t disappoint!

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This novel keeps getting mentioned in my book circles, and while I’m not typically a contemporary reader, my interest in this one has piqued. I’ll be checking it out from the library once it comes available. :]

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This novel was recommended in one of the reading groups I’m in: YA Fantasy Addicts. I really have no idea what it’s about, but it looks cool af, right?!

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This is not the complete list of books that were published today, but a good sampling of some on my radar. Did I miss any that you are excited about?